Exploring TypeScript

Over the past few weeks, I spent some time taking a closer look at TypeScript, not just the language itself but also trying to figure out an efficient workflow in Visual Studio Code that would be easy to plug into a CI build as well. You can find the results over on GitHub.

For now, it is just code and tests. I’m using Jasmine for testing and Gulp to run the compiler, linter (TSLint) and tests on every code change. So far I’m quite happy with the fast feedback loops I’m getting, but it’s obviously a small code base, so this might need some further exploration for larger projects.

I found a couple of excellent courses to get me started on Pluralsight:

They have a bit of overlap, but I think that overall they provide a good overview and insight into most if not all the language features. If you don’t have a Pluralsight account, you can get a nice discount using this referral link.

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